Visualization of Miguel Cabrera’s 44 Home Runs

The Hardball Times has a cool visualization of Miguel Cabrera’s 44 home runs this season. Basically, Cabrera hits bombs.

Cabrera smacked 44 home runs on the way to a Triple Crown win, leading the American League in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. Cabrera has always been good for the occasional moon shot, and this year was no exception, with a season-best blast off of Hiroki Kuroda that traveled 466 feet. That home run was still 34 feet above the grass when it cleared the deep 420-foot center field fence in Detroit.

Cabrera also came within one foot of the highest home run of the year in terms of sheer altitude. At its peak, the 374-footer was an astonishing 162 feet above the ground. Only Todd Helton hit one higher, and while it reached 163 feet over Cabrera’s 162, Helton’s home run ended up eight feet shorter in its final resting place.

Nice work Dan.


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