3 bets for Dec 6, 2011

Considered 3 bets today:

Kings at Ducks Under 5.5 (NHL) – Simulated this game Kings 2.40, Ducks 1.93 for 4.33 total points. This wins 60% of the time based on similar model results. The Kings will be  missing 2 key players tonight; including Mike Richards. Taking Under 5.5 at -140.

Wild at Sharks Under 5.5 (NHL) – Simulated this game at Sharks 2.59, Wild 2.04 for 4.63 total points. Similar win percentage in this scenario. Taking Under 5.5 at -145.

Devils at Maple Leafs -110 (NHL) – Simulated this game at Maple Leafs 3.87, Devils 2.60. Toronto won 5 of their last 8 games against decent competition. New Jersey lost their last 4 games. Toronto’s Reimer is making his 2nd start in goal since October. I have a few questions about this game…Pass.

Will post this week’s NFL simulations tomorrow or early Thursday.

Follow me on Twitter for all my simulations. Good Luck!


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