5 bets and an update – Nov 30, 2011

Haven’t been posting much lately; sorry for that. But going to try to start posting something every day. I have daily simulations of NHL games…but not sure if many people are interested (comment if you are). Also, I will start posting NBA simulations again in January. NFL simulations will continue through the Super Bowl. Working on a more friendly format for simulation results so visitors can download and search.

Here are a few of the bets I was considering today:

Wild vs. Oilers Under 5 (NHL) – Sim results were Oilers 2.21, Wild 1.96 for a total of 4.17 points. Niklas Backstrom wasn’t great last time out but has been excellent against the Oilers. Both teams have good defensive  and mediocre offensive statistics. Taking +105 on the under tonight.

USC at Cal-Riverside Over 110.5 (CBB) – Simulated this game at 116. Like that both teams have shot the ball better in recent games. Took a small piece of the over at 109 but the line move to 110.5 would make me more hesitant.

Sacramento St. at Cal Poly SLO Over 118.5 (CBB) – Simulated this game at 117. Liked that both teams are decent shooting teams playing a non-conference game. Both teams have played a weak schedule and have mediocre defenses. The line has moved from 117 to 118.5. Nothing put me over the top on this game tonight…Pass.

BYU at Northern Arizona Under 142 (CBB) – Simulated this game at 136. Both are good rebounding teams. BYU is a good defensive team and Northern Arizona is a weak shooting team. Northern Arizona hasn’t proven they can score on decent competition. The line has moved from 138 to 142. Something doesn’t feel right about this one…Pass.

Also, looked at the Denver at Utah State game. The game opened at Utah State -7.5 but has moved to -6.5. Denver is a decent team. They beat St. Mary’s two games back but flopped at Cal in their last game. They have now had 4 days since their last game and should bounce back. I simulated the game at Denver -5. Don’t like the game as much at +6.5 but like it enough to take a small piece.

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