Quick Bet – Florida State Seminoles (+6) at Miami Hurricanes (-6), Oct. 9, 2010

It isn’t 1992, but this is still a big game for Florida State and Miami.  Florida State hasn’t had the same public glimmer since the Oklahoma game.  People aren’t sold on Miami’s ability to put it all together.  They both have something to prove.

Florida State: Offense – 6.5 YPP and 12.4 YPPT; Defense – 4.1 YPP and 19.1 YPPT

Miami: Offense – 5.4 YPP and 11.4 YPPT; Defense – 4.1 YPP and 17.8 YPPT

My football model predicts Florida State 28.5 over Miami 27.9 for 56.4 total points.  Both teams can move the ball; Florida State has the rushing advantage.  On defense, Florida State stops the run, Miami shuts down the pass.  Florida State has to move the ball to keep up with Miami.  Miami has to limit interceptions and penalties.

I am taking Florida State.  Here’s why.  Consistency on offense.  The Seminoles have a good defensive line and will put pressure on the banged up Jacory Harris and Graig Cooper.  I think Florida State has been under valued by the public since the Oklahoma loss.  Bet on the Florida State Seminoles +6.

Feel free to comment or ask questions below or email me at derekbets@gmail.com.  Follow me on Twitter for all my picks.  Good Luck!


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